The creations of OmniMyth Press may be the musings of one man, but they are brought to life by a diverse and wonderful team of contributors and developers.

Latest Post Review - 2 Worm 2 Furious by Brian Ericson

OmniMyth Press is a tabletop games developer. At OmniMyth we aim to create games and supplements that challenge your idea of creativity, and stretch the bounds of usefulness well beyond what you previously believed possible. We hope that they will bring you great fun and inspire you to grow alongside your characters and friends.

Brian Ericson is the primary writer, producer, and director of all content at OmniMyth press.

David N. Wilkie of the Moonrat Conspiracy is Brian's mentor in layout, and has had a hand gently guiding each and every project OmniMyth Press has put out.

Valory Fox is our primary development contributor, a brilliant mind with mechanical balance and ingenuity, they bring a much needed sense of scale, and additional burst of creativity to our works.

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