If you'd like to purchase our products you can find them in a variety of places listed below.

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Digital Products

You can find all of our digital products on our page

OmniMyth Fables - This is the beta version of our tabletop RPG OmniMyth.

Form Fillable OmniMyth character Sheet - A form fillable character sheet for the OmniMyth Fables Beta.

The Gællæffa Guide to Troika - This is a supplement for the tabletop game Troika! by Daniel Sell set it our high-fantasy world of Gællæffa. It contains 36 new Backgrounds, 4 new Enemies, 2 maps, a d666 item table, and more, with art for every new inclusion.

Form Fillable Troika! Character Sheet - Courtesy of our Gællæffa Guide to Troika! Kickstarter Campaign. We have developed a free-to-download form fillable PDF character sheet for Troika! It is available in both A4 and US Letter sizes.

Physical Products

The OmniMyth Gumroad - The OmniMyth Gumroad store contains all of our limited product that we have available. If you reach out to us before purchasing we can sign your product, or you can purchase some of our limited number of signed and stitch copies. Sometimes we'll throw in a secret piece from a product we're working on.

Exalted Funeral - We're ecstatic to announce that the US based seller Exalted Funeral is now carrying and shipping our print products.

The Melsonia Arts Council - We're working out details to ship our product to the Melsonia Arts Council who will serve as our distribution center for Europe.