Gællæffa Guide to Troika!

Gællæffa Guide to Troika!

A tabletop RPG Supplement for Troika! Set in the stunning world of Gællæffa.

The Gællæffa Guide to Troika! is a tabletop role-playing game supplement (RPGs) for the game Troika!

This supplement is set in the world of Gællæffa. Pronounced
('galla-fuh'), this is a high fantasy world imagined by Brian Ericson, the creator of OmniMyth. Magic is plentiful, elves are not dying out, and folks are still creating some really cool stuff. The beings of this "other world" have a variety of games which they play to pass the time. Yes, some follow the tired trends of cards, chess-likes, and all manner of gambling. But in Gællæffa, the world is finding itself in a bit of a renaissance, and any starving artist may find themself lifted by the tides of fortune, carried by the success of their next great work.

Such is the story of the Groundling Saniel Dell, creator of Troika!, a chaotic roleplaying game. Troika! is a favorite at taverns, inns, bars, and homes everywhere across Gællæffa. From the rich to the poor, everyone loves Troika! Saniel presents a world which hints at something so fantastical as otherworldly travel into the great dome of that sky which is so poked full of holes by the gods above... how creative!

Thus! The Gællæffa Guide to Troika!, a playbook full of hyperbolic imaginings of powerful mages, heroic knights, swaggering Springfolk, and vile Saskir. Make the mundane of this world extraordinary as you explore the Golden Steppe, leap across the red roofs of Karavale, or attempt to hide from the terrible Tax Collectors of Squall.

You will find many character backgrounds, enemies, and oddities in this book. As is the tradition of Troika!, some may be explained, but many will be left to your imagination. Keep your eyes upon the horizon of adventure awaiting you.